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‘Barbara Hepworth: Finding Form’ at the River & Rowing Museum

A few weeks ago we were very kindly invited to visit the latest exhibition at the River & Rowing Museum in Henley.  It’s a fascinating exhibition of talented sculpture Barbara Hepworth’s work entitled ‘Barbara Hepworth: Finding Form’.

The exhibition demonstrates the variety of mediums Hepworth used to create her beautiful sculptures.  From wood to clay, there are pieces that you can touch to feel the different textures in her work as you walk round the gallery.

There is a timeline along one wall all about Hepworth’s life.  It’s a really interesting read. From her home life to her art work, I learned so much about her.   In the same area is a table for children to explore different shapes and textures.

There are clipboards with paper and pencils in the gallery for any young budding artists.  It’s a great way of encouraging them to sketch and really look at the sculptures.  I am sure Hepworth would have loved this little feature.

As we visited on the opening weekend of the exhibition there was a craft workshop taking place.  Lois and Cody enjoyed using various materials to create their own artwork.  This was added to a larger structure which will eventually be displayed in the museum.  Lois was very proud to be the first person to add a piece to the main sculpture.

Here’s what the River & Rowing Museum website says about the exhibition:

Barbara Hepworth: Finding Form will celebrate the work of one of the country’s most renowned sculptors. During the course of the 20th century Barbara Hepworth played a vital role in the development of British Modernism, leading to the creation of her most recognisable style.

Featuring a unique selection of works on display from collections around the country including Tate, National Portrait Gallery and the Arts Council, the exhibition will explore the development of Hepworth’s sculpture  and her lifelong preoccupation with forms from the 1930s to the 1960s. This will be the first time that works by Hepworth have been exhibited in Henley on Thames.

Beginning with the human body and moving from the figurative into the abstracted, the exhibition will look at how Hepworth chose to interpret the forms around her in her sculptures. A selection of lesser known oil on board works, showing Hepworth’s experimentation with geometric shapes and colour during the 1940s, will also be on display.

The accompanying interactives for families will explore the different forms and shapes found in the displayed works. There will be materials for exploring Hepworth’s subject matter through sight, sound and touch.’

If you are interested in visiting the exhibition it will be open daily from 9th February – 3rd June 2018.  Read our full review of the River & Rowing Museum here:  River & Rowing Museum

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