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Goals and Bucket List for 2018

Last year I set my blog some pretty steep goals and I have to admit that looking back they were far too out of range.  Some targets I did hit though and they were the ones I was surprisingly least confident about!  We also had a family bucket list and this year have done the same.  It’s great to put your planning into focus.One of the goals I set myself last year was a target of 50,000 page views.  This was way to high for a new blog and I am happy to have reached 25,000 views.  This would have been a more realistic target!  For 2018 I am going to aim for 30,000 page views.  A good achievable growth.

In terms of social media I have had a lot to learn.  I had never used Twitter or Instagram until I started writing my blog.  I had to read lots about how to set them up and then how to utilise them for the blog as well.  Facebook I set a target of 1000 followers.  Unfortunately I only reached 829 which was disappointing as it is my main sharing tool.  For Twitter and Instagram I set a target of 200 followers on each as I knew it would take me a while to learn how to use them.  I was really happy to pass those targets and reach 263 on Twitter and 372 on Instagram.  Thank you to everyone who has followed!  You are awesome!  This year’s goal is to hit 500 on Instagram and 400 on Twitter.  Lets do this!

So that’s my stats goals for the blog in 2018 but what about real life goals and our family bucket list?  This year we have decided we want to travel somewhere ‘new’.  This is something I want us to make the effort to do every year as we often end up going to the same places.  There’s a whole world out there to explore!  We’ve decided that to celebrate my 30th birthday (eek!!) and our 10 year anniversary (!) we are going to go away on a long weekend to Krakow in Poland.  This is somewhere we have never been and would love to visit child free.  I can’t wait!  We already have Auschwitz and the Salt Mines on our list to visit but do let us know if you have any other suggestions (especially places to eat!).

Another holiday we have planned is to Disneyland Paris with family.  We are so excited about this as we’ve wanted to take the kids for years.  They know we are going at some point this year but we haven’t told them when.  It will be a lovely surprise!

Our final travels overseas for 2018 will take us back to Ireland again.  This time we will be focusing on touring the Republic of Ireland, although we will be visiting family in Northern Ireland for part of our trip.

Of course the rest of our year will be filled once more with day trips, National Trust visits and we want to do some camping too.  We didn’t do any in 2017 as we wanted to wait until Willow was a bit older and calmer to take with us.  In May we are going to the Womens FA Cup Final at Wembley Stadium.  I have always wanted to go to Wembley just to say I’ve been so this is another tick off the bucket list for me.  Cody is really getting into playing football so he is looking forward to it.

The kids wanted to choose a couple of their own things for the bucket list this year too.  Lilian wants to learn to cook, visit a water-park and learn more about Egyptians.  Lois wants to pass her stage 5 swimming lessons, feature in the Lego Club magazine and make her own blog. She also wants to practice more horse-riding and learn to rollerskate. Cody wants to get his stage 2 swimming certificate, go on a water slide and do more horse riding.  He would also like to do football training. They are going to be busy bees!!

I would love to know what is on your family bucket list this year?  Are you off on an exciting adventure abroad?  Or perhaps you have some fun-filled plans closer to home?  Let me know in the comments below!  For more ideas check out Laura’s travel bucket list out at

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