Captain Flynn and The Pirate Dinosaurs on Stage!

This weekend we were incredibly lucky to be invited to see Captain Flynn and The Pirate Dinosaurs 2:The Magic Cutlass on stage at Cornerstone Arts Centre in Didcot.  The kids were so excited!  They saw the posters advertising it on a previous visit and had asked to go and see it so I knew they were super keen.  Cornerstone has had some smashing performances and workshops over the last 10 days for their family festival.  This one was obviously a very popular choice as almost all the seats were full!

Cody at pirate dinosaurs

The story begins with a group of children putting on a school play when they are suddenly whisked away into a fantasy world.   They are held captive by pirate dinosaurs and must find the magic cutlass to be set free.  The use of puppetry for some of the characters was brilliant.  There was also some shadow lighting for some scenes which was fascinating to watch.  It was such a creative way of bringing parts of the story to the stage.  We were spellbound!

Pirates dinosaurs flying

Photo Credit: The Other Richard

The show had the perfect balance of tense moments with the mean dinosaur pirates but without being scary.  Our four year old son Cody really enjoyed it, as did the 7 year old girls I had with me.  There was a little bit of audience participation with the characters running among us at one point which was good fun.  The music and songs were catchy and upbeat.  Oh, and the school teacher had us in stitches!

Pirate dinosaur captain

Photo Credit: The Other Richard

If you see Captain Flynn and The Pirate Dinosaurs coming to a venue near you then I highly recommend it.  We thoroughly enjoyed it and think it would appeal to all ages.  The only teeny tiny but of disappointment for the kids was that the cast weren’t outside the doors to greet people as we left.  Often when we’ve seen other shows they have been there so of course the kids were all excited to meet Flynn and then he wasn’t there.  But other than that we had a brilliant time.  Huge thanks to Cornerstone Arts Centre for inviting us along.

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Disclaimer: Cornerstone Arts Centre kindly gifted us tickets for the show, however they had no involvement in this review.  All thoughts and opinions are that of my own.

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