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Children’s Theatre at Cornerstone Arts Centre

We were very excited last week to win tickets to see the Chit Chat Chalk Show at Cornerstone Arts Centre in Didcot.  It’s not often we go to the theatre, in fact usually we only go at Christmas, which is silly really as we always really enjoy it.  I remember throughout my childhood my Nan would take me and my sister to the theatre to see a show every Christmas.  It was such a treat and I always really looked forward to it.

  As we are so used to seeing a big(ish) show at Christmas I didn’t know what to expect from the Chit Chat Chalk Show.  I did quickly realise though that this wasn’t just a normal show when we were asked to remove our shoes at the door!

We entered the theatre to find cushions around the edge of the performance area for us to sit on.  We couldn’t have been any closer to the action if we tried!  The show itself proved to be a wonderful mix of dance, acting and interactive chalk drawing all with a story along the way.  It was such a creative way to open up with children about feelings and how to deal with them.  We were entranced throughout.  And the kids LOVED getting to do chalk drawings and make things with the actors at the end of the show.

I guess the main thing the show taught me was that theatre isn’t just for Christmas.  It doesn’t need to be a huge production to trigger something inside you.  And that’s what theatre is all about really isn’t it?  Making you feel something.  I love having that hour or two spent drifting away in an imaginary world.  It’s good for the soul.  It awakens your creativity and your dreams.  It makes you think about things you hadn’t thought of before. Even the smallest of productions can inspire you and leave a lasting impression.

So my mission is to make sure that we go to more shows this year.  I want our children to feel inspired and want to get creative.  Whether that’s through dancing, singing, writing, acting, drawing, art or photography.  I have always had a great imagination and it has allowed me to have dreams which I have then strived to make reality.  I want the kids to have great imaginations too.  Sometimes you feel you only have dreams but at least if you have a dream you have something to aim for.

Cornerstone Arts Centre have loads of fab sounding shows lined up for this year.  We particularly like the look of Grandpa’s Island (24th March), The Snow Beast (25th March) and Captain Flinn And The Pirate Dinosaurs (14th April).  I think we may have a busy Easter!  If you would like to see whats on at Cornerstone follow the link here:

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