Homemade Lucky Suprise Eggs

If your kids are anything like mine they love those lucky suprise blind bags you can get. You know the ones. Full of random plastic toys that will no doubt get lost at the bottom of the toy box. The lucky suprise eggs are the same. Anyone’s kids watch other kids opening them on YouTube for hours on end? If yes then this is your chance to suprise them with their own big lucky suprise egg on a budget!

I was down town the other day and spotted these eggs in Poundstretcher behind the tills but with no price label or anything as they’d just arrived.  I went back in today to find them on the shelf for 50p each. 50p! To give you an idea of the size see pic below of one next to my hand. They’re a pretty decent size and would cost around £4-£5 each for an empty one on ebay.

When I opened them up they already had a small pack of sherbet and plastic toys inside.  They aren’t great quality (remember they only cost 50p). The slinky and airplane are pretty cool though so they’ve gone in the cupboard for Xmas stocking fillers.

Next I searched the shops for some suitable blind bags (pictured below). The tsum tsum ones were reduced to 75p in The Entertainer. The Smashers eyeballs and Harry Potter sweets were £1 and £1.50 in Sainsbury (the Smashers eyeballs I discovered don’t fit very well so have put those away for Cody’s birthday instead). The other bags were all £1 each in Poundland.  Of course you can fill yours with whatever blind bags your kids love, depending on how much you want to spend. Lego minifigures, playmobil figures, my little pony, Thomas minis, etc, etc. 

I’ve put 3 blind bags in each egg plus some sweets/chocolates. Depending on the size of your blind bags you could probably squeeze up to 5 in each egg (the Tsum Tsum ones are quite bulky). In total mine have cost me £4-£5 in total per egg including the egg itself. Bargain! 

Next decorate your egg in whatever theme you decide. I can’t decide whether to use Easter stickers and ribbon (I’m making them for Easter) or theme each one individually for each child.  I feel the green one is crying out to be a Minecraft theme. Hmmmm decisions……..  I’d love to see what designs you guys come up with so please do share them with me. 

And there you have it! Your very own jumbo lucky suprise egg on a budget!

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