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How To Get Your Mornings Off To A Good Start

With the kids going back to school this week and the pressure of getting them ready in the mornings and to the classroom on time, here are some top tips to help make sure your mornings run smoothly. (*this is a collaborative post)

  1.  Get everything ready the night before.  This means having their bags packed with the books they need and PE kits etc ready to grab and go.  Prepare their lunch box and pop it in the fridge (or better still opt for school dinners.  If your child is in Reception or Key stage 1 they are entitled to free school meals so save yourself some money as well as time!).  Lindsay from also has her children’s school uniforms out ready for morning.  This means less time hunting for that missing jumper or frantically ironing blouses.  If you have space in your hallway or utility room a great way to organise school bags and coats etc is to have a cubby hole or drawer and coat hook for each member of the family.  This makes it much easier than trying to hunt through piles of shoes for a matching pair.
  2. Get up and get ready before the kids wake.  I set myself 2 alarms.  1 at either 6am or 7am (depending on my schedule for the day) and a second one 15 minutes later to give myself a bit of time to wake up properly before I actually get up.  If you are one of those lucky people who wakes up and jumps straight out of bed I salute you.  I am not a morning person!  I get myself dressed and ready to start the day before I then wake the kids and start their routine.  This means my attention is wholly on them and I am able to help them get ready and brush their teeth etc.
  3. Have a routine.  If you have a specific order in which you do things in the morning it means children know what to expect and nothing gets forgotten.  In our house we get up and have breakfast first.  Then we get dressed, brush hair and brush teeth.  I never dress them before breakfast as I can guarantee half their cereal will end up spilled down their nice clean uniform!  Stick to a routine that works for you.
  4. On the subject of breakfast, how about a breakfast thats ready for you when you get up?  Cooked breakfast in the slow cooker or overnight oats are both great breakfasts that you prep and leave overnight, then they are ready to eat when you get up!  Look up the recipes on the internet for lots of different variations.
  5. Victoria from sets an alarm for 20 minutes before she needs to leave the house so everyone knows to get their shoes and coats on and bags ready to go.  I think this is a great idea as it helps keep you on schedule and lets the kids know without you having to nag them.
  6. Plan your school run.  Better to leave 5 minutes early and be waiting at the gate than rushing in feeling very stressed a few minutes late.  If you are running late then don’t rush.  A few more minutes late isn’t going to make much difference but if you forget something in a hurry it can cause you to lose even more time and be more stressed.  If you’re using the car then drive carefully and keep calm.   Over 1000 children are injured every month during the school run in the UK.  Don’t add to those statistics!
  7. Kiss your kids goodbye and wish them a good day.  These school days won’t last forever x

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