Online Baby Clubs – Which Ones Are Worth Joining?

I seem to be getting loads of ads popping up on my Facebook newsfeed for various different baby clubs at the moment.  There are sooooo many of them out there!

I don’t want to sign up to loads of online baby clubs only to be spammed constantly with junk mail.  Having said that, this is my 3rd pregnancy and 4th child so I’m confident enough that I know what I’m doing.  For a lot of mums though these advice emails are really helpful and some of the clubs give you freebies for signing up too.  To save you having to trawl through the internet researching them all, I’ve put together this list of baby clubs and what they offer so you can choose which ones suit you.

Boots Parenting Club

  • 10 point on your advantage card per £1 spent on baby items (excluding formula milk)
  • Free gifts at certain baby milestones
  • Personalised special offers

Cow and Gate Baby Club

  • Weekly emails with tips and advice
  • Access to 24/7 care helpline (via phone)
  • Free postal packs including cuddly cow toy (when you apply before 30 weeks pregnant)

Aptaclub Baby Club

  • Free 24/7 advice support from midwives, nutritionists and advisors
  • Personalised emails at each stage of your pregnancy and toddler days
  • Offers, guides and checklists from birth to feeding

Your Baby Club

  • Money saving deals
  • Free samples and discount vouchers

Emma’s Diary

  • 4x free gift packs including free samples and coupons from well known brands
  • Week-by-week pregnancy app
  • £200 worth of Argos money off vouchers
  • Photobook vouchers worth £15

Tesco Baby Club

  • Advice and helpful tips
  • Special offers and competitions

Asda Baby & Toddler Club

  • Advice and information
  • Special offers


  • Pregnancy, birth and baby app
  • 3x packs with information and samples
  • Personalised offers

SMA Baby Club

  • Personalised content for the first 1000 days and live chat
  • Personalised surprises and competitions
  • Special invites

Hipp Baby Club

  • Feeding advice
  • Money off vouchers
  • Competitions

Pampers Club

  • Claim points on your pampers purchases to change into discounts and gifts
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