Sometimes It’s OK To Blow The Budget

I know this seems an odd title for a post when so often I write about how to save money.  It’s true I am usually a very frugal person but sometimes, just sometimes, I’m learning that it’s ok to blow the budget and treat ourselves.  Now of course I’m not saying you should get yourself in to debt.  We only ever buy what we can afford.  What I’m saying is that its ok to spend a little more than you usually would, if you can afford to do it.

You see we don’t go out, we don’t smoke, we don’t gamble, we don’t go on extravagant holidays (although I do hope that last one will change in the future!).  We both work full time and juggle looking after the kids between us.  We rarely have anyone offer to look after the kids so we can have a break.  We work hard and play little.  Therefore every now and then it’s ok to treat ourselves.  Quite frankly I think we’ve earned it!

So last week, thanks to Mother-In-Law offering to have the kids for a night, we were able to book an overnight stay at The Crazy Bear Hotel in Stadhampton.  Now those of you who are familiar with the Crazy Bear will know that it’s not cheap!  On the other hand though, it’s not every year that you turn 30 and celebrate surviving 10 years together within the space of 11 days.  So we decided to go for it.

Blow the budget champagne

Yes we could have stayed in a nice hotel somewhere that was far cheaper.  Yes we could have had a delightful meal in a nice restaurant for half the price.  Yes it would have been lovely all the same.  But on this occasion we decided to blow the budget and really treat ourselves and not for one moment do we regret it.  The Crazy Bear was such a treat and so luxurious.  We felt like VIPs from the moment we arrived.  Our room (a suite no less!) was stunning and the food was incredible.  It was worth every penny.

Equally, last weekend we needed to do some clothes shopping.  So instead of heading like we normally would to Asda, we instead went to the Swindon Designer Shopping Outlet.  I chose myself a couple of lovely tops from Superdry and Salt Rock.  They were a little more than I would usually spend but didn’t break the bank and it feels nice to have bought myself a couple of ‘decent’ items for my wardrobe.  Treating yourself now and then makes all that hard work and saving money worth it.

Recently a friend of mine asked my opinion on her family budget for a holiday next month.  I agreed the budget her husband had suggested was reasonable but she’s worried and hopes they don’t spend that much.  Here’s the thing though.  You go on holiday once, maybe twice a year if you’re lucky.  But, those little babies wont stay little for long.   Buy that ridiculously huge ice cream that costs £6 instead of £1.50.  Take photos to look back on at the silliness and fun of it all.  Ride the carousel on the sea front twice so they can win the Grand National.  Give in to their demands for a bucket and rod to go crabbing, even though you know they’ll be bored within 10 minutes.   A simple holiday building sand castles on the beach will one day be ‘totally lame’.  Eventually they won’t want to take holidays with Mum and Dad any more.  So relax and make the most of it.

After all, life is for living.  None of us are getting out alive! 😉

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