The Brit Mums Brilliance In Blogging Awards 2018

Lot’s of my regular readers will know that I started this blog as a hobby almost 2 years ago to share our days out and travels in the hope that it would help inspire families who were looking for adventures.  We have always been an active family who love to visit different attractions and people would always ask me questions about them, wanting to know more.  The blog seemed a perfect way of sharing first-hand honest reviews with as many people as possible.  And so Mum of 2.5 was born!

Over the last 21 months I have written about our trips to Spain, Ireland, Weymouth, the Isle of Wight, New Forest and more.  We’ve covered all sorts of days out including museums, falconry centres, theme parks, animal farms, air shows – you name it!  We’ve also shared weekend and school holiday events in Oxfordshire and tips on how to save money on your days out too.   I’ve had so many of you message me and stop me in the street to say how helpful it’s been and how you’ve found new places thanks to my posts.  It’s great to hear people are finding it useful and we’re inspiring families to discover new places!

Now I am being cheeky and asking for a little favour in return.  Nominations have opened for the Brit Mums Brilliance In Blogging Awards 2018 and I would love it you could nominate me in the TRAVEL section of the awards.  It only takes a moment or two and I would be forever grateful for your support.  Voting closing on 31st August so please vote now and don’t forget to get your friends to vote too!  Here’s the link to cast your vote:


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One thought on “The Brit Mums Brilliance In Blogging Awards 2018

  1. Heven Hogan says:

    Brilliant Blog , very informative with lots of humor & warts of family life outings keeping busy & everything in between keep up the hard work

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