Things I Wish I’d Kept From My Childhood

This week I was browsing round Poundland and spotted the Spice Girls album on the shelf that I used to have in the 90s. I LOVED the Spice Girls and the album was always on repeat in my bedroom, with me and my sister singing along word for word to every single song! I just had to buy it.


It got me thinking about other things from my childhood that I wish I had kept. One thing I often think of are my Gladiator action figures. I had Jet, Lightening and Hunter. I remember getting them for my birthday along with a jumper with Jet on the front and tickets to go and see Gladiators being filmed live at the NEC.

Best. Birthday. Ever.

If that doesn’t describe the 90s in one sentence then I don’t know what will. Saturday nights just aren’t the same anymore!

One thing I did actually keep was my pog collection. Loved playing this game in the school playground.  I must introduce the kids to it at some point. I don’t seem to be alone on this one either.  Siobhan Grace of wishes she’d kept her pogs too.  I think we should start a campaign to bring them back!


Amy ( ) reminded me of Puppy In My Pockets. I had forgotten about these but I had quite a collection of them. Amy wishes she had kept them and her barbies to pass on to her daughter and I wish I’d done the same.  We do still have my barbies and huge Little Tikes Barbie house which my parents kept in their loft for years. Lois and Lilian were given it for Xmas 2 years ago but dont seem to use it as much as me and my sister did.

Cassie who blogs over at and Kirsty from had trolls and my little pony which have come back in fashion now so would have been fab to pass on to their children. It amazes how the same toys come back in years later. Pokemon cards are all the rage again now as well.

So many fab toys and gold tinted memories from happy childhoods. What do you wish you had kept from your childhood? Leave me a comment in the box below x

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