Kids Stocking Filler Ideas

One of the most exciting things for me at Christmas was always waking up to find my stocking on the end of my bed filled with little packages.  There’s something so lovely and nostalgic about a stocking isn’t there?  I always remember one of my favourite stocking gifts being a bottle of Spice Girls deodorant!  Random but true!  Here are a few kids stocking filler ideas for you….

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kids reading a book

How To Encourage Your Child To Read

Just recently we had been really struggling to get our 8 year old daughter Lois to read.  We tried all sorts of books and just couldn’t seem to find anything that interested her.  I have a rule that they need to read 2 pages of a book each day (more if they wish).  Their school expects them to read each day as part of their homework.  Even 2 pages was a struggle though. Continue reading