Playing in the snow from the Beast from the East

Whats On Weekend 3rd-4th March South East

Well the weather has all gone a little bit mad hasn’t it?! Can’t say I’m a huge fan of the white stuff personally but I know lots of you will have been out building snowmen and enjoying time off school.  Continue reading

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nature discovery centre lake at Thatcham

Whats On Weekend 24th-25th February South East

So after several weeks of working loads of overtime and then being ill all over half term its been nice to get back to some sort of normality this week.  The blog has been really quiet since last week thanks to me getting the flu and having a nasty allergic reaction on top of that. Continue reading

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Huge crab at Natural History Museum in Oxford

Free Places To Visit In Oxfordshire

I don’t know about you but as we look ahead to our holiday plans this year we are trying our best to save the pennies wherever we can.  As a result of this I’m hoping to make our school holidays and weekends as frugal as possible by trying out free activities.  I’ve found loads so thought I’d share all the free places to visit in Oxfordshire.  Continue reading

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Lego car on display at British Motor Museum

What’s On Weekend 3rd-4th Feb South East

Last weekend we were excited to visit the British Motor Museum near Banbury which was fantastic.  We have never been before and hadn’t even heard of it until very recently but what a great day out!  There was so much to see and it was so big, I was amazed we hadn’t found it sooner.  Continue reading

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dragons for chinese new year parade UK 2017

Celebrating Chinese New Year 2018

Chinese New Year is known as the ‘Lunar New Year’ or ‘Spring Festival’.  The date changes every year depending on the lunar calendar but it always falls in January or February.  It starts on the first day of the lunar calendar. Chinese New Year 2018 is Friday 16th February and the festival lasts for 2 weeks. Continue reading

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Boy explorng the woods in Autumn surrounded by leaves

Whats On Weekend 27th-28th Jan South East

So last weekend was a complete and utter wash out with days of constant rain that seemed like it was never going to end (and it still hasn’t  stopped!). We had a fab time at Red Kangaroo trampoline park which was perfect entertainment on a wet winters day.  Continue reading

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