The Nutcracker and The mouse king accordian monkey actor

Cornerstone Arts Centre Family Festival

We have been lucky enough that over the last few months we’ve seen several productions at the Cornerstone Arts Centre in Didcot (you can read our review of the Christmas production The Nutcracker and The Mouse King here The Nutcracker & The Mouse King).  All  of them were totally different but equally they were fantastic.  It really opened my eyes to children’s theatre and how much my kids loved being whisked away to a fantasy land for an hour or two.  Continue reading

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Boy explorng the woods in Autumn surrounded by leaves

Whats On Weekend 27th-28th Jan South East

So last weekend was a complete and utter wash out with days of constant rain that seemed like it was never going to end (and it still hasn’t  stopped!). We had a fab time at Red Kangaroo trampoline park which was perfect entertainment on a wet winters day.  Continue reading

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Red kangaroo trampoline park Reading

Our visit to Red Kangaroo Trampoline Park

This weekend we took Lois (age 7) and Cody (age 4) to try out Red Kangaroo Trampoline Park in Reading.  Lois has been to another trampoline park previously for a friend’s birthday but this was our first experience of Red Kangaroo.  It was Cody’s very first time at a trampoline park. Continue reading

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Scrooge christmas themed scarecrow

Whats On Weekend 6th-7th Jan South East

Happy New Year!  Welcome to the very first ‘whats on’ listing of 2018 – woohoo!  This month is all about those new year resolutions.  Have a look at your local National Trust venue for some lovely walks as we try to kick start our ‘get fit’ ‘lose weight’ new year resolutions.   Also have a look at our listing of free places to visit to help you save those pennies too.  Continue reading

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