nature discovery centre lake at Thatcham

Whats On Weekend 24th-25th February South East

So after several weeks of working loads of overtime and then being ill all over half term its been nice to get back to some sort of normality this week.  The blog has been really quiet since last week thanks to me getting the flu and having a nasty allergic reaction on top of that. Continue reading

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kids meals at amazing restaurant in Portrush, Northern Ireland

Kids Meal Deals This February Half Term

If like us you like to eat out it can get expensive once the kids start eating their own meals too.  Long gone are the days when they sat on my knee and nibbled a few chips off my plate!  As a result I’ve researched what eateries are offering kids meal deals this half term to make eating out more affordable for families. Continue reading

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Lego car on display at British Motor Museum

What’s On Weekend 3rd-4th Feb South East

Last weekend we were excited to visit the British Motor Museum near Banbury which was fantastic.  We have never been before and hadn’t even heard of it until very recently but what a great day out!  There was so much to see and it was so big, I was amazed we hadn’t found it sooner.  Continue reading

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bembridge sea view across the beach at Nodes Point, Isle of Wight

Goals and Bucket List for 2018

Last year I set my blog some pretty steep goals and I have to admit that looking back they were far too out of range.  Some targets I did hit though and they were the ones I was surprisingly least confident about!  We also had a family bucket list and this year have done the same.  It’s great to put your planning into focus. Continue reading

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Sun newspapers £9.50 holidays deal

How to book Sun newspaper £9.50 holidays

You might have seen today the launch of the Sun newspaper’s marketing for their £9.50 holidays offer.  The offer begins this coming Saturday 6th January 2018.  It’s a great way of having a cheap family holiday for even the tightest of budgets.  There are parks available to book across the UK and Europe.  So how do you get the £9.50 holidays deal? Continue reading

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Top Tips For Surviving A Family Day Out

Following a disastrous family day out last weekend, which led to us abandoning ship after just 2 hours out,  I learned a good few lessons on how to make things go a bit smoother next time.  I thought I’d share my top tips for a family day out with you here. Continue reading

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Whats On Weekend 2nd-3rd December South East

Goodness me its got a bit cold all of a sudden hasn’t it?!  We decided to go on a family day out to enjoy the Christmas lights at Waddesdon Manor last weekend.  The lights and the atmosphere there was fab but I had an epic fail on my part by not taking the kids hats, gloves, etc.  We were all absolutely frozen and after just 2 hours had to abandon our visit and head home.  Lesson learned.  This weekend I will be heading to the shops to purchase thermals and warm winter clothing so we don’t have anymore trips ruined by the cold! Continue reading

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Wet autumn leaf in the rain

Whats On Weekend 18th – 19th November South East

These weekends are rolling by ever so fast aren’t they?!  Only 5 more until Christmas – EEK!!  The events are slowly starting to take a festive theme and personally I say lets bring it on!

Continue reading

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