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Christmas – You Spent How Much?!

I have just read in a newspaper article that the average British family will spend £1,150 on Christmas this year.  £1150. That’s one thousand one hundred and fifty pounds.  Wow!   I’m sorry but seriously?!  There is absolutely no way I spend anywhere near that!  Continue reading

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Christmas tree and decorations around the fireplace

My Christmas Wish List

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I’ve seen loads of Christmas gift guides recently for kids, teens, tech lovers, travellers, etc,etc and there have been some fab ideas on them.  I don’t normally write a Christmas wish list as there’s rarely anything I want or need.  Having read so many gift guides this year though I have a few ideas in mind that I would love!  Continue reading

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Teacher thank you gifts

What Gifts Do The Teachers Really Want?

It’s that time of year where school is drawing to a close for Christmas and parents everywhere are frantically trying to come up with something nice for the kids to give their teachers as a Christmas gift.  Let’s be honest.  There are only so many mugs and tins of chocolates/biscuits that one person could possibly need, right? Continue reading

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Personalised hand made hessian Christmas giftsacks

Homemade Christmas Gift Inspiration

I’ve always enjoyed making things and I think homemade gifts are so much better than shop bought ones.  The sentimental value they hold simply because of the effort that gets put into them makes them really special.  Here are some ideas I have made in the past which may help inspire you. Continue reading

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Money Saving In Every Way Possible

So we’re all skint from Christmas and making New Year resolutions to save more/budget better, etc, etc right?   So I thought it might be useful to write a post about as many ways as possible that you can really save money and get a grip on your finances.  It’s a bit of a long one but it’s worth the read as it really could help you.

Continue reading

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Christmas Celebrations

You may have noticed I’ve had a couple of days break away from the blog to spend time with family and friends over Christmas.  Lots of you have been kind enough to ask if we had a good time and I am pleased to say that we did, although it was somewhat stressful with our poor little puppy Willow being admitted to the vets.  Continue reading

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Super Savvy Christmas

The Sun newspaper did a report the other day on a lady who managed to buy £1300 worth of Xmas gifts for just £500 by being thrifty with offers, coupons and looking in charity shops.  This is something I have been doing for the last couple of years, not just for Xmas but for birthdays too.  Continue reading

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