Sun newspapers £9.50 holidays deal

How to book Sun newspaper £9.50 holidays

You might have seen today the launch of the Sun newspaper’s marketing for their £9.50 holidays offer.  The offer begins this coming Saturday 6th January 2018.  It’s a great way of having a cheap family holiday for even the tightest of budgets.  There are parks available to book across the UK and Europe.  So how do you get the £9.50 holidays deal? Continue reading

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Borador puppy Willow and the kids surrounded by dandelions

Our Year 2017 in Review

This year has been absolutely jam packed with fun days out and trips all over the place.  Some of our adventures have taken us overseas, while others have been more local to home.  When I sat and went through my diary the other night I discovered we have had a whopping 43 trips this year! Wow!  These trips include holidays, days out and events.  Here is our year 2017 in review…… Continue reading

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Cambrils town sign in Spain

Stay Strong Barcelona and Cambrils

I don’t normally post on here about anything political or on the news but last night’s terror attacks hit a raw nerve.  The beautiful city of Barcelona and coastal town of Cambrils both fell victim to attacks on their people by mindless terrorists last night in a series of attacks that shocked the world. Continue reading

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Our Trip To Ireland

I’m sure you are all sick of hearing about it by now but in case you hadn’t heard – we’ve just got back from a 2 week trip to Ireland!  We are lucky enough that my father-in-law has recently moved over there (back home after living in England for 30+ years) giving us a base to stay and explore from. Continue reading

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The Sun Is Out!

So the sun has finally decided to make an appearance and I decided we really needed to make the most of it so after the kids swimming lessons this morning we packed the dog and a picnic into the car and headed off to Basildon Park. We are lucky that this National Trust Site is only 12 miles away so it’s ideal for a doggy walk in the sunshine. Continue reading

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Our Stay At The Lord Bagenal Hotel

We were lucky enough to spend the first 2 nights of our Irish adventure at the 5* Lord Bagenal Hotel in Leighlinbridge, Carlow.  It is both an award winning hotel and award winning wedding venue – and we could definitely see why.  The place is stunning! Continue reading

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Finding Out What The Kids Really Want To Do This Summer

I have found in previous school holidays that we’ve crammed the weeks full of activities and the kids have got so worn out that actually all they want to do is chill out at home.  So this Summer I am determined to find the right balance.  I’m going to try and plan 2-3 outings a week (not necessarily big days out, just a local farm or park) and stick to it rather than running ourselves ragged trying to do too much every single day. Continue reading

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Our Holiday To Spain

As many of you will know we have just returned from a wonderful 9 days in Spain visiting my grandparents who have lived over there for 18 years.  It was the first time we have taken all 3 kids abroad.  Cody has never flown before and the girls haven’t flown since they were toddlers.  Not all was perfect as you may have read in my previous post The reality of travelling with kids but overall it was fab. Continue reading

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And That Was May……

May has been a crazy busy month, as it is every year, due to having Lilian, Cody and Danny’s birthdays as well as my Dad’s birthday too.   We celebrated Lilian and Cody’s birthdays with a party in the garden with close family and friends.  It was a little more low key than we normally do but that was exactly what we needed with everything else going on this month.  Continue reading

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