Quote from sculpture Barbara Hepworth

‘Barbara Hepworth: Finding Form’ at the River & Rowing Museum

A few weeks ago we were very kindly invited to visit the latest exhibition at the River & Rowing Museum in Henley.  It’s a fascinating exhibition of talented sculpture Barbara Hepworth’s work entitled ‘Barbara Hepworth: Finding Form’. Continue reading

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nature discovery centre lake at Thatcham

Whats On Weekend 24th-25th February South East

So after several weeks of working loads of overtime and then being ill all over half term its been nice to get back to some sort of normality this week.  The blog has been really quiet since last week thanks to me getting the flu and having a nasty allergic reaction on top of that. Continue reading

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British motor museum sports car and kids car

British Motor Museum Review

You may have seen across our social media channels that last week we visited the British Motor Museum in Gaydon, near Banbury.  This place was very new to us, having only heard about it a couple of months or so ago.  With my Dad working for Williams Formula 1 team since I was a baby, cars have naturally always been a part of my life.  And now with a 4 year old boy in the family we have another car enthusiast in the making!  Continue reading

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Enjoying The VIP Treatment At The Roald Dahl Museum

This weekend we were very privileged to be invited to visit the Roald Dahl Museum once again, along with several other bloggers and their families for a special VIP event.    On arrival we were greeted by marketing manager Isabelle who introduced us to Museum Director Steve.  Continue reading

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owl in flight

February Half Term

We’ve had a lovely half term holiday that sadly flew by far too quickly.  The weather was better than we had expected so it was lovely to get outside and take Willow for lots of lovely walks in the sunshine. Continue reading

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Our Visit To the Roald Dahl Museum

We were very excited on Sunday to visit the Roald Dahl Museum in Great Missendon as he is my favourite childrens’ author.  The museum did not disappoint.  I learned so many extraordinary things about Roald Dahl and the magical person that he was and it has made me love his books even more!  To read our full review of this wonderful museum click here: Roald Dahl Museum & Story Centre.

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Our visit to Didcot Railway Centre

This morning we braved the cold weather and went to visit Didcot Railway Centre.  It is currently free for visitors on weekends in January so well worth making the most of it and having a free day out despite the museum being closed and no trains running.  We thoroughly enjoyed ourselves.  You can read the full review here: Didcot Railway Centre

What did you get up to this weekend?  Did you visit somewhere new? Go for a walk? Or just have a chilled one at home?  I’d love to hear all about it.  Leave me a message in the comments box below x

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The Oxfordshire Museum

The Oxfordshire Museum

Address: Park Street, Woodstock, Oxfordshire, OX20 1SN

Price: FREE!

Website: https://www.oxfordshire.gov.uk/cms/public-site/oxfordshire-museum

The Oxfordshire Museum is on the same site as the Soldiers of Oxfordshire Museum in Woodstock.  Admission is free so it’s a very popular place!  The museum is full of the history of Oxfordshire going as far back as Roman times.  It has lots of hands on things to do so the kids can really get involved in learning while having fun.

As well as history the museum has information about local wildlife and an innovation room with lots of science exhibits, some of which the children can have a go at.

There are several dressing up areas throughout the museum which are good fun. Lois and Cody particularly liked the rabbit costumes in the wildlife room!

The Roman room was particularly interesting. It had lots of artifacts found locally including a skeleton!  There was also a brass rubbing area where children can rub a Roman coin onto paper.  In the corner of the room is a touch screen with lots of additional information about the artifacts.

One thing I really like about this museum is that it has so many different themed rooms there is something to please everyone. It is bright and vibrant and the displays are interesting.  The hands on activities and dressing up are great fun for kids and really capture their imaginations.

On the downside, the museum is made up of lots of small rooms across 3 floors which can feel quite small and cramped, especially during busy periods. Navigating it with a buggy or wheelchair would be difficult although there is a stair lift to access each level for wheelchair users.  There is a small cafe onsite or picnic tables in the garden area outside if you wish to take your own.  You could probably spend around 1-2 hours looking round the museum and I would highly recommend visiting the Soldiers Of War Museum next door while you are there (see my blog post about that for more details: https://mumof2point5.wordpress.com/2016/10/26/soldiers-of-oxfordshire-museum/ ). There is parking out the front of the museum on the main street or a free public car park down the road.

Disclaimer: The Oxfordshire Museum have had no involvement in this review. All photos, words and opinions are that of my own.

Also In The Area:  Soldiers Of Oxfordshire Museum

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Soldiers of Oxfordshire museum

Soldiers Of Oxfordshire Museum

Address: Park Street, Woodstock, Oxfordshire, OX20 1SN

Price Band: £

Website: http://www.sofo.org.uk/

I stumbled across this place during a google search for museums on World War 1 (Lilian’s current topic at school).  We had never heard of it before but we decided to give it a try and see what it was like so yesterday, as it was half term, off we went.  I am so glad we did as this place is fantastic!!

As you walk in the door you are greeted by a large cannon in reception which fires every hour (not too loud), it’s a very impressive piece!  The receptionist was lovely and gave us a map of the museum and a clipboard with several different treasure hunts on for the kids to have a go at as they walked around the museum.

When we entered the main part of the museum the first thing we found was an assortment of dressing up clothes for the kids (and adults!) to try on.  There were various different army outfits and hats to try out which was great fun.

There are life sized models of soldiers in modern day army gear with information about the equipment they use, including a real modern day 12 hour ration pack and also a boat with a video of where and why it would be used.  Cody particularly enjoyed this and I liked the fact that it was something we hadn’t seen before.  There were bullet proof vests and other gear for the children to try on which were from modern day uniforms used in Afghanistan. We also found headset radios which you could try on and talk to each other through, just as soldiers would who were out in the field.  I was amazed how clearly we could hear each other!

Next we moved on to the dummy plane which we sat inside with more dressing up gear and headsets just like soldiers would wear in real life.  Over the headsets we were able to listen to a veteran soldier’s account of his time as a pilot flying in World War II.  There was a screen on the wall which showed video footage to go along with it.  It really gave us a feel for what it would  be like to be a soldier being flown out to war and due to wearing the headsets the children sat throughout the whole video and really listened to what the soldier said.   I thought this was a great way for children to learn as it captured their interest so much better than just reading the information or watching a video.

Next we moved on to the communication area of the museum.  Here we learned how to use morse code and flag signals to pass on messages.  There was also more dressing up to try on, this time normal clothing from the 1940s like the secret service would have worn.  We also had a go at operating a radio.  Wearing the clothes and being able to get hands on with things in the museum really captured the children’s interest and made it much more realistic for them (although the beeping from the morse code machine can start to drive you slightly insane!).

There are lots of other interesting artifacts around the museum including a flight ejector seat (with a very cool video of the tests that were carried out!), uniforms, medical equipment, a WWI plane propeller, storage trunks, replica bombs, etc,etc.There is also an area dedicated to the prisoner of war camps with photos and diary extracts describing what they like.  You could also listen to survivors on the phone handsets describing what they went through.  It was very interesting and well thought out.

One of the highlights of the museum for us was the replica trench.  This was actually built by a group of local army cadets and they have done a fab job.  As well as the trench there are speakers with sound effects playing so you can get a sense of what it would have really been like.  This was one of the children’s favourite parts of the museum.  What i particularly liked is that they could actually lay on the beds and try on the hats, etc so it was very hands on rather than something you were only allowed to look at.  Again I think this gives children a better understanding of history and they are much more likely to remember details about it as they have experienced it but in a safe replica environment.

There are long corridors all the way round the main room that are filled with more artifacts including a huge medal collection.  Next to them is a touch screen where you can look up more information about each medal and who it would have been awarded to.  There are also various uniforms and other items on display.  For little ones there is a little play den under the stairs with toys and bean bags.

There is a lovely little shop by reception with lots of gifts from cheap pocket money things to replica artifacts and books, etc for the war enthusiast. The whole museum is wheelchair/pushchair friendly and has lovely clean toilets with changing facilities. The building is only 2 years old and is immaculate.  It is located behind The Oxfordshire Museum (which is free to visit so worth doing both and making a day of it – see my other blog post for more details on that one https://mumof2point5.wordpress.com/2016/10/27/the-oxfordshire-museum/ ).  There is a lovely garden with picnic tables if you want to make a day of it or there is a small cafe located in the entrance to the other museum for hot drinks and snacks.

I would say the Soldiers of Oxfordshire museum takes about 3 hours to have a really good look round, longer if you read everything properly (not always easy with small folk around!).  You can extend this to a longer day with lunch in the garden and then a visit to the Oxfordshire Museum next door.  It is great for school aged children who can link things in with their history topics at school, but it is equally enjoyable for younger children and adults alike.  We were so impressed with how hands on and child friendly it is and for the price I think its a really worthwhile visit.  We highly recommend it 🙂

Disclaimer: Soldiers of Oxfordshire have had no input in this review and all photos, words and opinions are that of my own.

Also In The Area:  The Oxfordshire Museum

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