Couple together in Ireland at Castle Coole

Remembering To Be A Couple

The title of this post probably sounds a bit odd, but with the chaos of juggling our jobs and the kids we seem to have forgotten about being a couple.  It’s easily done. Continue reading

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Boiled egg and toast for breakfast with sun shining

How To Get Your Mornings Off To A Good Start

With the kids going back to school this week and the pressure of getting them ready in the mornings and to the classroom on time, here are some top tips to help make sure your mornings run smoothly. (*this is a collaborative post) Continue reading

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The Scary Reality Of A First Time Mum

Seven years ago today we brought home our newborn baby girl from the hospital.  She was just 28 hours old and we’d had a rough first night on the ward.  We got home after a visit first to the grandparents and dinner with them and headed straight to bed.  That night I sat on the edge of the bed looking at the beautiful, perfect little baby in her crib next to me and I cried.   Continue reading

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The Things You Don’t Know About Mummy

To my darling, beautiful children

There are times when you play up or give me attitude because you don’t like what I have asked you to do.  There are times you scream and look at me with such hate in your eyes because you don’t like the answer I have given you.  There are times when I wander what you think of me and how you see me through your eyes.  There are things you don’t know about me, that I sometimes wish you did. Continue reading

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