Whats On Weekend 2nd-3rd December South East

Goodness me its got a bit cold all of a sudden hasn’t it?!  We decided to go on a family day out to enjoy the Christmas lights at Waddesdon Manor last weekend.  The lights and the atmosphere there was fab but I had an epic fail on my part by not taking the kids hats, gloves, etc.  We were all absolutely frozen and after just 2 hours had to abandon our visit and head home.  Lesson learned.  This weekend I will be heading to the shops to purchase thermals and warm winter clothing so we don’t have anymore trips ruined by the cold! Continue reading

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Red kite bird above Didcot, South Oxfordshire

Whats On Weekend 11th-12th November South East

So the nights are drawing in now the clocks have turned back and the temperature has certainly dropped.  It’s beginning to feel a bit more wintery isn’t it?  We  had a great time last weekend at the kids first ever firework display.  They have certainly got the bug for it so I think we’ll go to a big one next year.

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Whats On Weekend 3rd-5th November South East

Apologies this post is a little later in the week than it normally is.  We had a bit of a family emergency earlier on in the week and with Halloween and everything else on top of that I’m a bit behind!   Did you all enjoy Halloween?  Continue reading

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