Borador puppy Willow and the kids surrounded by dandelions

Our Year 2017 in Review

This year has been absolutely jam packed with fun days out and trips all over the place.  Some of our adventures have taken us overseas, while others have been more local to home.  When I sat and went through my diary the other night I discovered we have had a whopping 43 trips this year! Wow!  These trips include holidays, days out and events.  Here is our year 2017 in review…… Continue reading

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Our Exciting Delivery!

We are so excited to have received our Yippie Yo crossbuggy all the way from Switzerland!  We are thrilled to have been chosen by Yippie Yo to test and review the crossbuggy and we can’t wait to put it through its paces on our adventures over the next few months.  The Yippie Yo is like a pull along trailer with built in seats and is designed to be used off road where a lot of normal pushchairs would struggle.  Continue reading

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