Cakes next to recipe book

Easy Recipes Kids Can cook

My kids love getting involved when it comes to cooking meals and I find it also means they’ll try more things if they’ve actually made it themselves. It’s so important that children learn where their food comes from and how to cook from scratch. So many people don’t know how to cook basic meals its scary! Here are some fab easy recipes that kids can cook too.

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Mother’s Day Crafts

I don’t know about you but my favourite gifts are always of the homemade variety. I love all the hard work the kids put in to it and their sense of pride when they present me with their lovingly made gifts. A homemade gift is always completely unique so no one else will ever have one the same as you. If it has their hand or footprints on that’s even better. Cuteness off the scale! Here are some fab Mother’s Day crafts for your little ones to do.

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