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Remembering To Be A Couple

The title of this post probably sounds a bit odd, but with the chaos of juggling our jobs and the kids we seem to have forgotten about being a couple.  It’s easily done.

Our work hours fit around caring for the kids.  This is great as it saves us money and worrying about childcare.  Yey.  Parenting win.  On the other hand though, it means we are like ships passing in the wind.  As Danny gets home from work, I am off out the door.   Then when I get home it’s a quick dinner and Danny is off to bed.  Joy of having to get up at 3am for work.  Where most couples at least get a couple of hours in the evenings together after the kids go to bed, we don’t even get that.  As a result, we’ve become like 2 lodgers living in the same house.  And that’s not ok.

At 29 and 31 years old, we literally have no social life.  We rarely go out, even less so as a couple.  We haven’t had a single break from the kids in almost 2 years.  We don’t see our friends.  In fact, we have very few friends.  And it sucks.

I don’t know if it’s due to my encroaching 30th birthday or just simply being run-down from the daily grind but the cracks are starting to show.  We’re bickering constantly over stupid insignificant things. We’re both restless and feel like life is passing us by.  We see other couples our age out enjoying themselves.  Cocktail bars, clubbing, junkyard golf, nights away, spa days.  We have never done any of that in our entire 10 year relationship.  And I guess we both feel a little jealous.  We need to make more of an effort for us.

So this weekend has been about making plans for us.  Not for the kids or for family days out but for us as a couple to get away from it all.  Quite frankly, I think we’ve earned it!  We work our backsides off day and night.  We pour everything we have, money and energy,  into the house and the kids.  We need a break.  Desperately.

So with thanks to Groupon (and this isn’t a sponsored post or in any way endorsed by them), we have bought ourselves a weekend away.  We are going to have a night at a luxury hotel with dinner, champagne and breakfast to celebrate our 10 year anniversary next month.  We’ve also bought a voucher (again on Groupon) for a meal at the rooftop restaurant of the Ashmolean Museum in Oxford.  And I cannot blooming wait.

I am definitely going to look at Groupon deals more often and make an effort to book things just for the 2 of us now and then.  Family and the kids is of course our top priority.  But a happy, healthy Mummy and Daddy leads to a happy, healthy family life.  We need to remember that.



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2 thoughts on “Remembering To Be A Couple

  1. Manny | The Greenwich Mummy Blog says:

    This is a wonderful post. My man and I try to find time to do things together without the kids but it’s so difficult. We ever only do it maybe once a year when it’s our birthdays or out anniversary. Hopefully this year we’ll make more of an attempt to try and do more with each other as a couple like you are. 🙂

    • admin says:

      We are exactly the same. We literally never go out as a couple mainly as I hate asking people to babysit! Thanks for taking the time to leave a comment x

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