The Pied Piper at Cornerstone

On Friday we were very kindly invited by the team at Cornerstone to see their Christmas production of The Pied Piper. The show has been produced by the same team that brought us The Nutcracker and The Mouse King last year.  We were very excited to see what the show had in store for us!

Photograph by Simon Vail

On arrival at Cornerstone we collected our tickets and were shown where the cloakroom is. We then went upstairs to find our seats in the auditorium. There is a lift upstairs if you need disabled access.

Photograph by Simon Vail 

The show tells the tale of the village of Hamelin which 100 years ago was terrorised by a plague of rats. The Pied Piper came to rid them of the rats but then stole all the children too…….. Or did he? All is not what it seems in the history of Hamelin. No spoilers here though. You’ll have to go and see it to find out the truth!

Photograph by Simon Vail 

The show is full of fun and laughter with some catchy songs along the way. The talented actors are also musicians which bring the story to life. Add to that the brilliant ensemble of local children who are the supporting cast members and you’re in for a real treat. I love the fact they use local children in their productions at Cornerstone. It’s such an amazing opportunity for them.

Lois and Cody with the cast 

We think your family will love The Pied Piper. You have until the 30th December 2018 to see it. Book your tickets here:

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